website officially archived (can you tell?) thank you for all the support and love, i will no longer update nor upkeep this website. starting a new project with a close friend, go to Halo Cross

stay as long as you need :)) look at my cool shit,,, arnt you proud of me! sign my guestbook and talk to ghosts!

internet explorers welcome to my space :))

make yourself at home, find a hole to crawl into and a piece of crumbling drywall to chew on

have fun...

I invite you to sit back, relax, relapse and chill out,,,

Website update: under construstion,,, i have no idea what the fuck im doing,,,

!!!retronaut webring!!!

the funky webring

This site, ☆ the gvttr ☆ ,ping the old web alive is kee. Thanks, ROCKY!

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think you for visiting my website :)) you can call me nine9 aka gvttr grl, and i do art and listen to music :))

have a click around and find some secrets, read the about me section to learn more,,, well about me. read my blog, drink my piss, sign my guestbook, yknow all fun stuffs

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